Sun Salutation Yoga Poses: Plank

Plank Posture

1 Come on hands and knees. Wrists are right under shoulders and knees are under hips. Fingers need to be spread wide to help you ground in to the floor, but also to help you even the weight to the all hands to relive the pressure fro the wrists.

2Craw your toes under, lift the knees from the floor and the same time extend your legs until you become in to a position holding your self with spread hands and toes (like preparing to do push ups). The whole body is in one straight line, arms should be perpendicular to the floor torso parallel to the floor, make sure wrists are still right under the shoulders.

3The tummy should be drown in towards the spine, the chest must not sink in and the buttocks must not hip up nor sag down. Neck, spine (the torso) and the legs should be in alignment. One strait lone from the top of the head to the hills.

4Keep pressing the thighs up, keep them engage as you press firmly with your hands. Keep tailbone tucked in.

5 You should be looking strait in front of you to the floor. Breathe deeply and imagine the energy line running from the top of your head to the bottom of your legs. Keep pressing back with the hills. Keep for as long as possible (few seconds to a minute).

If you want to work harder in the pose lift one leg parallel to the floor as you inhale and keep it in the air for as long as possible (few seconds to a minute). Always repeat with the other leg to keep balance in your body.

Benefits: strengthens abdominal, spine, tights, and hands.

Concentration: wrists

Contraindications: If you have week wrists, you must spread fingers well and feel how the pressure from the weight is spread evenly in the hands not in the wrists. Also if you suffer Carpal tunnel syndrome (pain in hands due to pressured nerve) you must not do Plank posture.

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