Sun Salutation Yoga Poses: Cobra

Cobra / Bhujangasana (bhujanga = serpent, snake)

1 Lie down prone on the mat with legs stretched back, hills touching each other, tops of the toes on the floor. Bend your hands and spread palms on the floor under your shoulders. The elbows should be as close as possible to the body. Forehead on the floor.

2 Push the tops of the toes, thighs and the pubic bone strongly into the floor.

3 Inhaling begin to raise head up and forward with the stretch of the neck. Pushing on to your palms, begin to straighten the arms to lift the chest off the floor, but the main muscles working to lift your chest should be the back muscles, even if the hands are on the floor we hardly use them. Check by lifting your hands off the floor. Look Up. Buttocks and top legs are firm but the calves have to be relaxed. Elbows are still half bend.

4 To go to the final part of cobra position straightens the arms completely. Now they take your weight and the back muscles are passive. Legs are going slightly apart. The umbilical button should be on the floor. Head up and shoulders down.

5 Hold the pose for about 15 seconds or 3 to 10 deep inhales and exhales (you can increase the time as you are getting more comfortable in the pose with your practice), breathing easily. Release back to the floor as you exhaling.

Benefits: Stimulates the blood supply of the spinal cord there for has beneficial effect on the nerve system and strengthens the spine. Stimulates abdominal organs, increases body heat, in kundaliny yoga practiced to stimulate the raise of the kundaliny energy. Beneficial for hart and lungs, opens and stretches them. Firms the muscles of the back of the legs and buttocks.

Therapeutic effect: Has a healing effect in asthma condition. Reduces sciatica.

Concentration: Spinal cord, lower back (in the backbend)

Contraindications: back injury should be careful, but still can do the pose. Do not practice if pregnant.

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