Sun Salutation Yoga Poses: Tadasana

Tadasana (Yoga Mountain Pose)

Tadasana (Yoga Mountain Pose): ‘Tada’ means mountain. The name tells as about the intention of the posture to enables as to build up an energy level, which makes as stand like a ‘mountain’. It can be practised as an individual posture or as a starting point for other asanas that are performed in a standing position. It is regarded as one of the most beneficial yoga positions even though it looks a bit simple, but bringing the body into alignment is hard work. The asana is said to give physical benefits like posture improvement, can ease back pain, strengthens thighs, as well as mental benefits, like confidence and joy.

1 Stand at the front of your yoga mat. Open up your heels a little outward. Your second toes should be parallel.

2 Hands stay at your sides. Look forward.

3 Rise up your toes, fanning them out, balancing on the heels, hold for few seconds.

4 Drop the toes down, trying to make a firm base on the ground and tuck in your tailbone. It is very important to keep your tailbone tucked because this helping the energy passage trough you body and the energy storage in your body.

5 Lift and strengthen the inner or outer ankles and arches; we tend to put our weight on the outside or inside of the feet. In Tadasana the effort is to have the weight centred. Use the toes to prevent the body from moving forward.

6 Lift your chest up and out. Lift your chin up by lengthening your neck towards the ceiling.

7 As you inhale, feel the breath is coming up through the floor and going into your legs, followed by stomach and up to the head. While exhaling, feel your breath going down, right from the head to the stomach and into your feet.

8 Move the weight of your body on to your toes and raise your hills up. Hold in this position for 1 min.

9 Bring your feet back to step and repeat the process.

10 During the second round lift up your arms along with your legs. Stretch them over your head. Breath the same as described before.

Therapeutic effect: Has a healing outcome in sciatic condition. Reduces flat feet.
Concentration: tights

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