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“The Easy Yoga Workbook: The Perfect Introduction to Yoga” - Tara Fraser (2003)

The Easy Yoga Workbook: The Perfect Introduction to Yoga

The general intention of the book is to serve as an introductory guide for yoga beginners. It focuses on general information about the yoga system, light exercises and many tips and advice suitable for unprepared, and new to the yoga-training practitioners.

The author of the book, Tara Fraser, is one of the leading yoga teachers in the UK. She has been involved in yoga practice, studies, research and teaching for many years. This particular book is concerned with the process we go through when first trying to practice yoga.

One of the main principles that the author uses in her general yoga teaching is to stimulate the students to create and develop practise suitable for their individual physical, mental and social circumstances. That principle is very strongly input in this book. The author is promoting yoga practise suitable for the modern life and embark upon common health matters like backache, poor concentration etc.

The book could be an adequate substitute for yoga teacher for people who are unable to attend classes neither to have one to one teaching. It gives you tips how to organise your own yoga practice in your own time and conditions, which makes the book more than only an introductory guide.

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